The Lake


The ornamental lake and island make a prominent feature in the arboretum. The area provides guests and visitors with a very pleasant setting to relax close to the hotel. The original bamboos are still in place, and there is a large specimen Ginkgo tree in one corner.

Until the 70s there was a thatched boat house but all that remains now is the small concrete platform. 

The lake has been leaking badly for several years because of tree roots growing through the retaining bank. After clearing some of the invasive willow and birch from around the edge, a major repair of the bank took place in 2008. The contractors excavated a two metre deep trench to cut through the tree roots and then drove six metre steel sheets into the bank. Despite the disruption caused by the heavy machinery the area has recovered well. The lake is now full, providing a much better habitat for the resident fish and ducks - and the heron has resumed its visits.

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The conservation area is located on land owned by the University of Southampton, behind Chilworth Manor Hotel.

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