The Woodlands

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Buxey Wood surrounds the meadow on three sides, and provides an important and prominent backdrop for Chilworth Old Village.

The western part is ancient woodland and is thought to have been continuously wooded for at least 300 years. It has distinctive areas of birch-oakwood, hazel-oakwood and alderwood, each with their own characteristic native plants (such as bluebells, wood anemones, wood sorrel and Solomon’s seal) and supporting rich animal communities.

The central and eastern parts are secondary woodland that has re-colonised over time. Maps indicate it was planted before 1870 for timber production. There are some outstanding mature specimens of sweet chestnut, beech, oak and yew. These all play an essential part in creating the biodiversity of the area.

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General Information

The conservation area is located on land owned by the University of Southampton, behind Chilworth Manor Hotel.

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